GPU Overclocker for PC Windows Games

Hello. You want to play a specific video game for example : Splinter Cell Blacklist and your video card is running slow like some kind of slowmotion lags ?

Then, if your video card is well cooled like let`s say 30 - 40 degrees C in standby, and is very stable, then you can try to overclock a bit to gain more gameplay FPS (frames per second)

How ?

First you need to test your video card wth this tool (how to use included)

Now, if your video card is STABLE , then download this superb tool and open it.

What we see here ? where to look ? first look at power target, and should be +20% and GPU Clock on default (in me example, the default clock is 860 Mhz)

Now to start overclok, we suggest to move slider from GPU Clock to 870 Mhz and test your video card and if is stable, you can move to slide to 880, 890 then to 900, and if is stable, you can go to 1000 for some video cards ! so try to increase power with 10 units only.

Here is my Example with 1003 Mhz but i have a good cooling system. (Dual X)

This tool can damage your video card !! if is not used wisely !!

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