Wolfenstein The New Order gamepad - Play Wolfenstein The New Order with any Gamepad

Hi dear Wolfenstein The New Order player. You have a gamepad but game cannot detect it ? you get this "No Gamepad was detected" ?? then you need to follow our guide but first download gamepad emulator from here or here to your video game directory (bin folder) and then the video game will work just fine with your noname gamepad controller.

Play Wolfenstein The New Order without paying nothing, with your old gamepad instead buying new gamepad / controller. Download a software to make your gamepad to work.

How to install the Tool :

1. Download it from above to folder : (extract downloaded file with this)

Wolfenstein The New Order\

2. Run it and let him to connect to internet to get best settings for you, then press SAVE.

Example :

Wolfenstein The New Order

Done. Now start the game and now Gamepad will be detected.

This article will fix :

No Gamepad was detected

We recommend connecting a Gamepad to enjoy the playing experience.

No gamepad is present

Gamepad was not found on your system

My gamepad not working for video game Wolfenstein The New Order

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Some gamepad supported for Wolfenstein The New Order are :


Gembird JPD-ST03, Gembird JPD-ST02 (2x gamepad, 1x USB)

Natec Genesis P10, Natec Genesis P55 for PC, Natec Genesis PV44

Genius MaxFire Grandias, Genius MaxFire Grandias 12

Acme GS-03 USB, Acme F28B/2 IN 1 USB, Acme GA-05, Acme GA-03

Hama Combat Bow, Hama Black Storm, Hama Grip Controller black-blue, Hama uRage Vendetta

Speedlink STRIKE 2 Gaming Pad PS2, Speedlink STRIKE for PC

Speedlink THUNDERSTRIKE USB PC, Speedlink XEOX Pro Analog USB PC

Speedlink XEOX Pro Analog - Wireless PS3/PC

Natec Genesis P33 for PC, Natec Genesis P44 for PC and PS3

Genius MaxFire Grandias 12V

Canyon CNG-GP01N

dreamGEAR Type 6 Wireless DGPS3-1324

Sony Dual Shock 3 Blue Ocean

Sony Dual Shock 3 Silver

And more models of course...

Wolfenstein The New Order fix no gamepad was detected, Wolfenstein The New Order download fix for gamepad, download like a patch for Wolfenstein The New Order gamepad, fix Wolfenstein The New Order error with gamepad

How to play Wolfenstein The New Order (Wolfenstein The New Order) with any Gamepad

Wolfenstein The New Order (Wolfenstein The New Order gamepad)

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