Batman Arkham Origins

This guide is only for PC version of video game. So you have a error for steam_api.dll error, steam_api.dll is not found, steam_api.dll is missing or more errors ? Then you need to have steam installed on your computer, or you have deleted the steam_api.dll file accidentaly and you can restore the file from recycle bin.

Batman Arkham Origins


Fastest way is to install steam.

If the problem with steam_api.dll error is still there, then :

Reinstall the video game

That`s it.

Notice. This guide is for a LEGIT version of video game ONLY !

If your antivirus is blocking steam_api.dll file, then a dangerous virus is in that file !

TIP. Install latest driver for best quality and performance and follow this guide !!

Batman Arkham Origins - steam_api.dll error

Batman Arkham Origins

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