Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Hi there. You have this error "PhysXLoader.dll is missing" or this "Physxloader.dll Not Found" then you can fix that by installing physx from here. But, if the issue is still present, then you need to download physxloader.dll from here or from here (file is original) and copy to game folder.

How to install

Simply copy downloaded PhysXLoader.dll to :

Gas Guzzlers Extreme\Bin32\

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Example :

Gas Guzzlers Extreme

So, if you have more than these errors : PhysXLoader.dll is missing, Physxloader.dll Not Found then you can see all guides here :

 More Guides 

Enjoy !

Gas Guzzlers Extreme

The error :

This application failed to start because physxloader.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

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