Outlast 2013

Hello dear gamer. Recently, the video game Outlast has been launched and if you have this error "The program can`t start because binkw32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." then first solution is to install bink codec pack from here and if is not working with codecs installed, then download binkw32.dll from here.

How and where to install ?

No need to install in specific location if you choose to install bink codec, but if you choose to download binkw32.dll file, you need to copy file to game folder and extract downloaded file with this great file extractor for free !

Game folder example for 32 bits : "D:\Games\Outlast\Binaries\Win32\" (x86)

Game folder example for 64 bits : "D:\Games\Outlast\Binaries\Win64\" (x64)

or here is live screenshot recorded from our computer

outlast binkw32.dll

Explanation : We have video game installed, we have binkw32.dll downloaded and file copied to game folder and now you need only to extract downloaded archive with binkw32.dll and the issue will be fixed in no time.

Why you have this error ?

This error can be from : you have a virus on your system and your antivirus is not good enough and the file is added to exclusion, so is recommended to scan your system with this tool and if you have a virus, that software tool will fix that for Outlast.

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