Total War: Rome II

This is Manualy fix guide ! so follow every step and use your head.

1. you need to open a hidden file called The Creative Assembly located in Roaming folder

How ?

Type run in search box and press enter

then write this : appdata and press enter again

Now open with double click next folders : Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Rome2\scrips\preferences.script (use notepad to open it)

Now you need to change resolution to your native resolution ! in our example is 1920x1080

How can you find out which is your native resolution? Learn This 

So change to your resolution and press CTRL+S

Very important ! If you have changed resolution and is not working, then change Fullscreen from true to false and save file and try now to run video game Total War: Rome II

Enjoy !

And for Troubleshooting, Join Discussions 

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