Detect video graphics card model and download best driver

Howdy my friend. You want to download best driver for your video card because a video game gives you hars times ? i mean when you want to start a game, a error from your video ? Then you need to download this software to see your video card model. Or try to install best graphics driver detector with this tool from ATI AMD Radeon.

But for some reasons, you can`t use amd driver detector (like is not working error) then you can download latest updated driver for your video card by yourself.

How ? (for AMD Radeon)

Open that software and you will see this :

Now look in top right and there is your video card model. (amd radeon is this example)

Now you know your video card model and you need to go here and select your video card, and download driver.

Attention ! But, before installing any driver, learn how to remove your old driver traces first ! (is very important)

 Uninstall driver Guide 

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See video card model and get best driver

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